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  • Place your bagged dirty clothing in an open locker in your hall, scan the QR code or visit the website to create an account and place your order, upon completion your clean clothes will be delivered in a vacant locker and a pickup code will be sent to you. It's really that simple!
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  • Simply add this to your cart, create your account, and schedule your pickup! Place your laundry by your door in a standard 14-gallon kitchen trash bag by 9:00am. St Olaf students, select a locker and place your bag inside. Locker orders should be placed in a vacant locker. We will pick it up, wash and fold your clothing, then deliver it the next day in our reusable bag! All future pickups... just use the same bag! Have more clothes than the 1 bag can hold? No problem... Just add as many bags as you will need on this first order with the quantity selector next to the ADD TO CART button below!
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