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Washed Again is now located within your building to assist with your laundry needs. These lockers are available only for residents of your building and are designed to save you time and money. They are safe, secure, and convenient!

This service is conveniently priced at only $20 (plus tax) per bag of laundry.

Step 1

Place your bagged dirty clothing in an open locker, then choose a 4-digit pin and press # to secure the locker.

Step 2

Scan the QR code or visit the website to create an account and place your order.

Step 3

Your clean clothes will be delivered to a vacant locker at the same location within 24 hours.

Step 4

A new 4-digit code will be sent to you for prompt pickup.

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What should I bag my laundry with?2024-07-10T08:34:48-05:00

First time users should start with a standard kitchen size garbage bag, your clean clothes will be returned in a new reusable Washed Again bag for future use.

How long does it take to get my clothes back?2024-07-10T08:34:48-05:00

Our target turnaround time is 24 hours, but late or weekend pickups could delay this and updates will be given.

Are there certain hours of the day I am limited to drop off?2024-07-10T08:34:48-05:00

Orders can be made at any time a locker is available, but any order made after 4:00pm Monday-Friday will be processed on the next business day pickup.

How do I secure my clothes in the locker?2024-07-10T08:34:48-05:00

Pick any 4 digit code then press enter before closing the door. Only this code and the master code will open the locker providing security to your order.

Do I need to be present for pickup or delivery?2024-07-10T08:34:48-05:00

No. Our lockers are secure with electronic locks so there is no need to schedule a time to meet a Washed Again team member.

If all locker bays are being used can I set my clothes next to the locker for pickup?2024-07-10T08:34:48-05:00

No. To eliminate clutter and hazards we ask that you check back and wait for a locker to become available.

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New customers get a Free laundry bag on their first service!


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